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We are Nicole & Tylor, self proclaimed finance and travel enthusiasts on a mission to help others unlock their own potential when it comes to finances and personal goals! You can have it all!


We have created a “not so ordinary” plan to break away from the traditional work and retirement mentality to reach financial independence by age 35. All while still prioritizing our love for traveling, we share how we are living an “unordinary life” making “unordinary plans”.

Why you should read our blog…

We consider our blog to cover 2 niches: Finance AND travel. We can’t choose, nor do we want to… and honestly they overlap quite a bit. You need money to travel, and investing ultimately gives you back choices, time, and freedom!

Our ultimate goal is to achieve financial independence, with the option to retire early… before age 35! We don’t only save for retirement though… we have already taken a 3 month sabbatical and have been to 20 countries together while working our 9-5 jobs!

We started our financial journey started with $90,000 worth of student debt, which we were able to aggressively pay off in 2 years. After becoming serious about saving and investing once becoming debt free, we were able to achieve Coast FI, which means our investments are predicted to grow to our target retirement amount, without the need for us to invest $1 further… 

We are continuing to invest and are on our path to achieving financial independence by age 35, and ultimately becoming work optional. This has required some sacrifices, but overall we have lived our lives to the fullest.

You may be asking yourselves…what will we do if we “retire” so early?….anything is possible! The key is having choices and the freedom to choose. 

Heck, we even have an upcoming 1 year sabbatical that may stall some of our ambitious financial goals, but fuel our desires to get out there and explore the world!

Here for the finances?

Here for the finances?

Saving, Investing, Financial Independence

We strongly believe that financial “success” is not built from a lucky stock pick or any inheritance, but rather financial discipline, consistency, and time. Check out our finance posts to learn more about achieving financial independence!

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Here for the travel?

Here for the travel?

Itineraries, tips, travel hacking

Our honeymoon in Thailand was where our love for travel began. Since then, we have traveled to 20 countries while working our 9-5 careers, and after taking a 3 month sabbatical to travel in Asia & Europe. Our next big plan is QUITTING OUR JOBS and traveling the world! Check out our posts for some travel inspiration!

Here are some of our favorite places we have visited:

Albania totally surprised us with its beautiful beaches, cities and mountains!

Egypt was perfectly chaotic as we explored without a tour group along the Nile River

Jordan has it all from floating in the Dead Sea, exploring Petra, and sleeping in the desert