Favorite Finance Resources

Here is a list of some of our favorite financial resources. These financial gurus have helped us to pay off $90,000 in student debt, and work towards becoming financially independent by age 35. We are always looking to learn more, too.

Finance Books

We attribute our ability to pursue financial independence to the books we’ve read. These books delve into investing, financial habits, and inspiration for reaching financial independence.

The Simple Path To Wealth

We are massive advocates for investing in index funds. They are truly the “simple path” to achieving wealth. We stand by all the principles he teaches. This is a beginner investor must-read!

By J. L. Collins
The Intelligent Investor

This is an oldie, but a goodie. The message of this book boils down to one key concept: don’t be an emotional investor. The book has been updated as of 2003, but most of the original ideas about investing hold up. 

by Benjamin Graham
The Millionaire Next Door

This book will break some common misconceptions you have about today’s “millionaires”. We recommend this book more so if you are NEW to financial independence.

by Thomas Stanley
Die With Zero

Inspiring book that gives you reasons to live a little more right now instead of waiting for tomorrow. It has given us a new philosophy on spending & financial independence. For people further in their FI Journey.

By Bill Perkins

Personal Development, Philosophical, & Productivity Books

Beyond finances, we have been inspired from other topics, like personal development, productivity, and philosophy. Here are a few “must reads.”

Atomic Habits

All time favorite personal development book (and maybe even our favorite from any category). The best part about Atomic Habits is the actionable advice it gives – things you can change in your life today! It’s a fairly short book thanks to the expertly concise writing. Overall, an amazing read that will reframe how you make daily decisions.

By James Clear
The 4-Hour Workweek

It’s tough to put this book under “Productivity”, because Tim bashes prototypical productivity advice on several occasions. Regardless, it’s an excellent read for those wanting to escape a typical 9-5 job. Prepare for an extremely motivational book. 

By Timothy Ferriss
Four Thousand Weeks

Within Four Thousand Weeks you will find a positive outlook on your short life. The things that make us small, like our insignificant impact on the infinite cosmic scheme, are actually freeing. You can spend your time doing things you actually care about, forget the rest. 

By Oliver Burkeman

Systems that are strengthened from external stress are what Nassim calls “antifragile”. This book will give you an interesting new perspective on many aspects of life, and we definitely recommend it to any fans of new philosophical thinking.

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Favorite Financial Independence Blogs, Podcasts, & YouTube Channels

All of these people inspired us on our own financial independence journey…and continue to do so!

Our Rich Journey

We discovered the FIRE movement from Our Rich Journey’s YouTube videos. They can be found on their website & YouTube.

Choose FI

A blog, podcast, and community! Choose FI is one of our favorite podcasts out there! They foster a FIRE driven community and we are avid listeners.

Money Guy Show

The Money Guy Show provides so much valuable financial information on their podcast, YouTube channel, and website. As CPAs, they have an expert financial perspective.

J.L Collins

The author of The Simple Path to Wealth (a finance must read!), J.L Collin’s website has a ‘Stock Series’ that we have found incredibly helpful. It’s truly wonderful and free resource!

Mr. Money Mustache

MMM is a longstanding favorite in the FIRE community. His blog posts are extremely detailed and informative.

Mad FIentist

Another favorite in the FIRE community with his own podcast and blog on all things about FIRE.

Millennial Revolution

With a plethora of FIRE posts, Millennial Revolution has taught us so much. They also have a free ‘Investing Workshop’ that is ridiculously helpful!

Go Curry Cracker

A super inspiring blog that shares how they achieved FIRE. Their family currently lives as nomads, too!

Trip of a Lifestyle

Lauren & Steve share how they retired before age 30 while prioritizing travel. They share so much valuable information on their blog & YouTube channel.

The Fioneers

Jess & Corey share a different side of FIRE with Slow FI. We love their take on balancing saving with enjoying the journey to FI. They share all the details on their blog.

Money Flamingo

Curious on other types of FI? Money Flamingo goes over alternative paths such as semi retirement, Coast FI & Flamingo FI on her blog… also known as the “Flavors of FI”.

A Purple Life

A very inspiring and anonymous blog sharing how she retired at age 30. Her approach to FIRE included domestic geo-arbitrage…allowing her to retire 5 years ahead of her own predictions!